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Everything You Need To Know About Bee Propolis

Everything You Need To Know About Bee Propolis

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Immune health is a hot topic, and Bee Propolis is in high demand. Before you start a daily regimen, here’s everything you should know about nature’s powerful defense system:

What Is Bee Propolis?

Bee Propolis is a resin material produced by honey bees to seal and protect the cells of the hive,  line the inside of nest cavities and repair honeycomb. Without Bee Propolis, the hives could be susceptible to viruses and bacteria.

What Is Propolis Made Of?

Honey bees create Bee Propolis by harvesting natural sap at the site of a plant injury,  carefully blending it together with enzymes and beeswax.

What Are The Benefits Of Taking Propolis?

Bee Propolis has powerful antioxidant and antimicrobial properties,  making it naturally antibacterial,  antifungal and antiviral.  Bee Propolis resin is high in flavonoids, which are essential to a plant’s defense system.

Does Propolis Boost The Immune System?

As Bee Propolis is made from a tree’s immune system, and a bee hive’s immune system,  it also works to benefit human immune systems.

What Are Flavonoids And Phenolics?

Flavonoids is a fancy word for plant compounds that contain high levels of antioxidant activity.  Phenolics are compounds produced by a plant, that protect the plant against stress. Both Flavonoids and Phenolics are found in most fruits and vegetables and have been attributed to many of the health benefits found in plant-based diets.

How Have People Used Bee Propolis?

The use of Bee Propolis for wellness dates back centuries. The ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians were aware of its healing properties and made extensive use of it as a form of medicine. Because of its naturally high antimicrobial and antioxidant properties,  Bee Propolis has been used to support the body's natural defenses with upper respiratory tract infections, skin infections, sore throats and/or other mouth infections,  and assist in the healing of minor wounds.

How Does Comvita Gather Bee Propolis From The Hives?

In order to gather raw Bee Propolis, we at Comvita use something called a Propolis Trap, which is essentially a plastic screen placed on top of the hives to mimic the gaps in a hive. Once the honey bees have sealed off the holes with Bee Propolis, our beekeepers carefully extract it from the traps.


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