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Can bees breed the Queen in February?

Can bees breed the Queen in February?

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Can bees breed the Queen in February?

For beekeepers, Queen breeding is a very important thing, which directly affects the development of bee colony, and it will also affect the income of beekeepers. As we all know, it is suitable for bees to breed the Queen in spring and autumn, but is it possible for bees to breed Queen in February? That is a controversial issue. In fact, it is possible for bees to breed the Queen under proper management in February.

Can bees breed the Queen in February?

1. Every February, most areas of the country have entered the spring, and many flowers in nature have gradually begun to bloom, providing sufficient nectar source for bees. Therefore, bees can breed the Queen during this period.

2. Every February, the temperature has risen markedly. At this time, the temperature is about 10 ℃, which is a very favorable condition for breeding the Queen. Although there is a large temperature difference between morning and evening during this period of time, it is very easy for the bees to successfully breed the Queen,  provided that beekeepers pay attention to keeping the beehives warm and guaranteeing the nutritional supplement for the bees.

Notes for beekeepers to breed the Queen among bees in February

1. When beekeepers let the bees breed the Queen in February,  the first thing is to pay attention to the safety of the beehives to avoid wasps entering the beehives and causing unnecessary harm to the bee colony inside.

2. February is in the spring, which is a windy season. During this period,  beekeepers should put the beehives in a sheltered place; otherwise the quality of the Queen will be affected. In addition,  it is necessary to strengthen the heat insulation of the beehives at night;  otherwise the Queen will become weak after being exposed to cold,  which will affect the fecundity in the future.