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How to make honey and lemon water

How to make honey and lemon water

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1. Choose materials. First, prepare fresh lemon rather than dried lemon for some fragrance ingredient of dried lemon is lost, while the fragrance of fresh lemon is strong,  with affluent vitamins and fragrance ingredient. Cut the fresh lemons into slices.

2. Use lemon with peel when making lemon water. Because lemon peel contains flavonoids and lemon essential oil, the fragrance ingredient is easy to be released when cutting lemon into slices.

3. Then, add honey, which will make the lemon water more delicious.

Notes for drinking honey and lemon water

1. Honey and lemon water is rich in fruit acid;  therefore, do not drink it during menstrual period, or you will suffer abdominal pain.

2. Patients taking medicine because of cold should not drink honey and lemon water because honey is ill-matched with anti-cold drug. Patients with gastric acid and gastric distention should not drink too much honey and lemon water because it is too sour.

3. Lemon peel contains affluent calcium. However, it tastes bitter after soaking for a long time. Therefore, it is suggested that drink the honey and lemon water after freshly brewed.

4. The nutrition of honey will lose under high temperature. Therefore, people must use lukewarm boiled water to make honey and lemon water.

5. The shelf life of lemon is short, so it is better to use it up after cut it. We can press several lemons into juice and put the juice into refrigerator to make it become ice cubes, and take out a piece of ice cube for drinking.

Thus it can be seen that honey and lemon water is good for us, so we can drink it in moderation. For patients with gastric disease and liver disease, drinking it in moderation is very important, which can prevent from unnecessary harms to us.