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No matter how high the mountain is, people can always find a way to reach its peak, and the root of win-win cooperation among enterprises is people. Both employees and customers are the root of the enterprise, and only cooperation can realize win-win cooperation. We cultivate people on the basis of morality, strengthen ideological and ethical construction, and construct cross-time spiritual civilization; we focus on talents, management talents, professional and technical talents, and skill and operation talents; we rely on the talent advantage and build a super strong entity team of employees.

The enterprise will lack the power driving it forward when it lacks advanced management. The perpetual theme that we win by management and we persist on is sustaining the “cooperation” culture, which integrates and blends management and culture together and organically combines them together.

Boasting as if it were raining flowers or vigorously preaching is not good as working hard to get achievements. Based on the people-oriented principle, we use advanced culture to enrich and arm ourselves, focus on the core tasks of the enterprise; we are realistic and pragmatic, and work hard. Today, the leading management team and middle-level executives in our company have become a vigorous, tenacious and selfless, effective and diligent fight collective, leading our employees at the forefront of the times. At the early stage, on the basis of concise and effective principle, we have implemented substantial reforms on internal institutions according to the requirements of modern enterprise institutions; we set posts according to work, determine responsibilities according to posts, and decide employees according to responsibilities, which can navigate all employees.

Only innovation can bring vitality to us. Management innovation drives “ability, benefit, and effect” of works in our company to become the same excellent:

Ability – strong organization and mobilization ability, strong working ability, strong binding force, strong cooperation ability, and stronger exploitation and innovation ability; benefit – we not only have economic benefit but also have social benefit; effect – what people have seen are not pretending cordiality or buck-passing, but special driving effect, optimizing effect, and demonstration effect.

Morality is the basis of enterprise. The everlasting enterprise must have the core concept that support the sustainable development of the enterprise, while the concept focuses on the spiritual world of employees, which is the fruit of collective wisdom of Yihengjian – “cooperation” culture.

Strong morality can carry things move forward. With the characteristics of corporate culture, enterprise morality belongs to high-level consciousness of corporate culture. “Morality is like the source of water, while the talent is the wave of water”, the enterprise morality of us plays an unparallel strong radiation force; we move forward along the right line because of “morality” and “talent”. Based on “morality”, we implement management, improve the whole team quality of employees, uphold the concept of regarding morality as the root of everything, accumulate the essence of employees’ moral quality, and strive for having both morality and talent. “Morality” put customers’ requirements, customers’ interest, and satisfactory criterion at the first place. We will build beautiful rainbow bridge of honesty with our customers together, and pursuit the win-win “cooperation” between our customers and us.

The essence of “cooperation” is to build strong entity. The internalization of “cooperation” culture is in people’s hearts, while the externalization of “cooperation” is demonstrated in people’s actions, which run through management, production, and operation, and reflect on everything in Yihengjian. Cooperation, condenses concepts to sublimation, and shows its brilliance and glamour. Our company upgrades again!