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How to choose honey safely

How to choose honey safely

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If you want to buy honey that you can safely eat, pay attention to the following three points.

First of all, don't just try the wild honey and earth honey harvested by the so-called “deep mountain old farmers” and “natural beekeepers”, especially in the summer. Kunming Shanhai, Ma Sang, Buddleia, Tripterygium, Eupatorium, White Rhododendron, Datura, Boluo, and Aphid are all known toxic honey plants. There are so many kinds of things, and if you are recruited, you will regret it.

Secondly, some scholars have found that honey that causes poisoning can basically taste bitterness. Therefore, when you go to the apiary to buy honey, you must remember to taste it. If you taste bitterness, hemp, cockroaches and other odors, you may contain toxic alkaloids. This kind of honey should not be eaten raw, even if it is heated, it will not detoxify.

Finally, honey is an acidic viscous liquid, which has corrosive effect on metal and plastic barrels. In order to avoid contamination of honey, it should be stored in glass bottles, porcelain cylinders, etc.; also pay attention to sealed storage, avoid water absorption fermentation and odor is difficult to eat; Honey utensils should be cleaned by running water, dried and then filled with honey; keep indoors dry, ventilated, cool, without direct sunlight during storage, and conditionally stored at low temperature.