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Can a bee be raised in February?

Can a bee be raised in February?

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For bee farmers, Yuwang is a very important thing. It directly affects the development of people's bee colonies, and it also affects the income of everyone's farmers. Most people know that the bee's breeding time is in spring. And autumn is appropriate, but bees can raise the king in February, but it is a controversial issue. In fact, the well-managed bees can be bred in February.

Can a bee be raised in February?

1. Every day in February, most of the country has entered the spring. Many flowers in nature have gradually begun to bloom, providing enough honey for bees. Therefore, bees can be raised during this time.

2. Every February, the temperature has already risen sharply. At this time, the temperature will remain at around ten degrees, which is a very favorable condition for the breeding of bees. Although there is a problem of large temperature difference between morning and evening during this time, everyone only pays attention to the warmth of the beehive and the supplement of the bee's nutrition, so that it is very easy for the bee to successfully raise the king.

Notes for February Bee King

1. When you let the bees raise the king in February, you must first pay attention to the safety of the beehives, avoiding the wasps entering the beehives and causing unnecessary damage to the bee colonies inside.

2, February is in the spring, is a windy season, everyone should put the beehive in a sheltered place during that time, otherwise it will affect the quality of the queen. In addition, it is necessary to strengthen the warmth of the beehives at night, or the queen will become weak after being frozen, which will affect the ability to lay eggs in the future.